Decorative Glass Panels

Decorative Glass Panels to Beautify Your Home

Decorative glass panels are ideal for both domestic and commercial applications. These interior products are a great way to add color, style and glamour to your home or office.

Domestic Decorative Glass Panel Applications

There are many places in your home where you can use decorative glass panels. If you are planning to remodel your house, consider using cost effective panels in the following areas in your home:

Windows: Windows are a great place to use panels. They can not only give decorative effects but also privacy. Like shutters or drapers they also won't block natural light. The colored versions can also brighten up your interiors.

Room divider: They can also be used as room dividers. Instead of placing a permanent wall as a divider, you can choose a design that blends in with the surrounding furnishings.

Fireplace screen: This is an excellent way to add a focal point to your interior. You can find specially made panels for fireplaces.

Doors: Give an old door new life by adding a decorative glass panel over it.

Children's rooms: You can find many designs to use on windows and doors in children's rooms, with themes like sports, animals, and ballerinas available. You can find a variety of subjects and pictures and themes that suits kids of all ages and add some fun to their rooms. Arks, teddy bears and trains are common designs that are widely used on windows and doors in kid's rooms. This can give small children mental stimulation and provides them with something that they treasure and cherish forever.

These products are a cost effective way to add a focal point to any room in your house.

Commercial applications

Decorative glass panels also have a wide range of commercial applications. They are ideal for use at bar counters and in hotel reception areas. You can also use them on office doors. By using them on windows and walls in an office environment, you can really brighten up what would otherwise be a dull work space.

These products come in a variety of sizes and a shape, so finding one that suits your needs in really easy. No matter what kind of decorating style you require, there are beautiful, fun and striking designs to suit.

In addition to adding style to your interiors, they have many others advantages. They are easy to clean and install and can protect your privacy. Decorative glass panels are the ultimate combination of form and function.