What is “Tiffany Style” Art Glass?

Art glass made in Tiffany Style relies on delicate hand-crafting and a method known as the Copper Foil technique. The copper foil technique requires exceptional finesse and craftsmanship to achieve and produces a strong, watertight art glass perfect for a wide variety of décor. Tiffany Style art glass allows for elaborate, detailed designs and is famous for some of the world’s most renowned pieces of glass-made artwork.

How is Casa Loma Art Glass Made?

Every order of Art Glass from Casa Loma is custom hand-crafted with the copper foil technique and created using a scaled paper template based on a life-size design of the artwork. During every step of the process, our skilled craftsmen take account of the precise dimensions provided and base every segment, measurement and design on scaled representation. Each piece of glass is individually cut and sanded using a diamond bit for smooth, symmetrical edges and wrapped in copper foil in traditional Tiffany Glass style. The glass pieces are then delicately soldered together to form a strong, uniform and aesthetic glass panel perfect for cabinet doors, interior/exterior doors, windows, skylights and murals.

What is the Lead Time on Orders?

Expected lead times on glass orders are generally 4 weeks from the submission date and we are more than happy to keep you up-to-date on the progress of your order.

Do you ship the glass out of state?

We ship anywhere within United States and Canada.  Each order is individually custom packaged into a form fitting wooden crate for secure shipping.  Please see our packaging video here!

How Do I Properly Measure Cabinet Doors for Glass Panels?

For an accurate measurement of your cabinet doors, open the door and take 3 measurements (from the inside) of the width of the cabinet door’s step opening: one of the top, one of the middle and one of the bottom. Repeat the process for the height of the cabinet door’s step opening. Write down the largest measurement for both width and height, then subtract 1/8” (3mm.) from each measurement for accurate glass panel dimensions. Feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to walk you through the entire process.

Can The Order be Changed or Cancelled After it is Placed?

Once your order has been received, one of our art glass specialists will contact you to verify all the necessary information before starting the fabrication process. Once the fabrication process has started, it is no longer possible to change or cancel the order. 

Will the Glass Texture Look Identical to The Glass on the Website?

Since each piece of Casa Loma Art Glass is hand-crafted and made to order, slight variations in texture may be observed due to the unique nature of every custom glass panel.

Can You Craft a Custom Design?

At Casa Loma we take pride in crafting custom designs based on special customer requests. Contact Us to discuss your custom design ideas and review all the possibilities that we have to offer. Your custom design ideas/sketches will be transposed onto a template of the artwork for your approval before the order is initiated.

Can I Use Casa Loma Art Glass For Anything Other Than Cabinet Inserts?

Absolutely. Art Glass offers countless possibilities of application in both interior and exterior design, with popular décor options ranging from interior/exterior door inserts, stained glass windows, sky lights, wall murals, privacy windows, fanlights and many more. Contact Us today to discuss the endless possibilities of custom made Art Glass from Casa Loma.