Installation Services

Welcome to Casa Loma Art Glass, where our commitment to artistic excellence extends to every detail of your space. Our Art Glass Installation Services redefine the way you experience your environment, offering a seamless integration of beauty and functionality.


Key Services offered in New York Metro and South Florida:


Cabinet Glass Inserts Installation: Elevate your kitchen or living space with our exquisite cabinet glass inserts. Our skilled installation team ensures a perfect fit, transforming ordinary cabinets into showcases of sophistication. Experience the magic as natural light plays through the art glass, adding a touch of elegance to your daily routines.


Stained Glass Windows Installation. Immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of stained glass windows. Our installation services bring these masterpieces to life, infusing your home with captivating colors and intricate patterns. Whether it's a religious scene, floral motif, or geometric design, our team handles the installation with precision and care.


Door Glass Inserts Installation. Make a lasting impression with our door glass inserts. From welcoming entryways to private spaces, our installation team seamlessly incorporates art glass into your doors. Enjoy the perfect blend of privacy and aesthetics as our expert installers bring your vision to reality.


Art Glass Skylights Installation. Illuminate your interiors with the beauty of art glass skylights. Our installation services ensure a flawless integration, allowing natural light to cascade through stunning patterns and colors. Transform any room into a work of art with our professionally installed skylights.


Transom Windows Installation. Add a touch of architectural elegance with customized transom windows. Our skilled team handles the installation of these decorative windows above doors or other windows, creating a harmonious flow of design throughout your space. Enjoy the beauty of art glass in unexpected places.

At Casa Loma Art Glass, we understand that the installation process is as crucial as the art itself. Trust our dedicated team to bring your artistic vision to life with professionalism, precision, and a commitment to exceeding your expectations. Elevate your space with our Art Glass Installation Services – where every installation is a masterpiece. 

Bring or ship us your cabinet doors to have our designed glass professionally installed.  Also, please inquire about our on site installation services and cabinet door prepping for glass