The Different Types of Kitchen Cabinet Glass

Adding a touch of glass to your kitchen cabinets is sure to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room. Elegant as well as functional, glass cabinet doors are great for displaying your beautiful kitchenware, and the best part is that kitchen cabinet inserts come in such a wide variety that they can complement virtually any style you’re trying for in your kitchen.

At Casa Loma Art Glass, our designs come in many different types of glasses. Here’s a collection of the different types that are available for each of our designs:

Seeded Glass

Seeded glass has air bubbles that are infused during the manufacturing process. These bubbles can come in a variety of sizes, large or small, and while they suit traditional styles, they nevertheless can bring an interesting look to modern kitchens. Casa Loma Art Glass’ Savannah design, for example, looks great in seeded glass while at the same time enhancing the traditional look.

Frosted Glass

Created by sandblasting clear glass, frosted glass has limited transparency, but still allows general shapes and colors to show through. These glass inserts look great in modern kitchens as they complement stainless steel very well, but they can also go well with traditional kitchens by pairing it with a traditional design such as the Fleur de Lis.

Textured Glass

There are many different kinds of textured glass—reeded, fluted, ribbed, pebbled, floral, just to name a few—so your options are wide open. Transparency can vary depending on the pattern you choose and how heavy the texture is, but in general they’re similar to frosted glass where the contents are slightly blurred. Plus, thanks to their variety, textured glass can fit into practically any space, modern or traditional.  Casa Loma Art Glass’ Da Vinci design in a textured glass is great for modern kitchens, while our Venezzia is excellent for more traditional designs. Or, with certain designs like the Astoria, you can pair a textured glass with a transparent glass for a more unique look.

Decorative Glass

Decorative glass inserts come in two types: leaded and stained. The two types are very similar, and most people often use the terms interchangeably, but there is a difference between the two. Simply put, leaded glass lacks color, while stained glass has color. Either way, both types will certainly make your kitchen cabinets stand out. Due to their lack of color, leaded glass is better for modern, minimalist kitchens, while stained glass is suited for more traditional styles, but either one can be tailored to fit your space. At Casa Loma, we not only have decorative glass panels, but also decorative glass inserts that can bring stained glass to your kitchen cabinets.

Transparent Glass

Last, but certainly not least, is simple, transparent glass. Unlike many of the glass inserts mentioned above, transparent glass is (as the name suggests) completely transparent. These are great for displaying quality china or kitchenware, and they’re an excellent fit for minimalist kitchens. While transparent glass can look great with any of our designs, if you’re going for the minimalist or modern look, then consider our Chester design.

If you’re still unsure which type of cabinet glass insert is best for your kitchen, then feel free to reach out to us at Casa Loma Art Glass. We can give you design ideas and expert recommendations so that your kitchen cabinets come out looking as great as they can be.